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Recreation Sites


allotments Allotment

cemetery Cemetery

country_park Country Park

golf Golf

nature Nature

parks Park

woods Wood


paths Path

access Access Point


woods Beach

Land cover

agriculture Agriculture

allotment Allotment

built_up Built-Up

cemetery Cemetery

coastal Coastal

estuary Estuary

fen_marsh Fen Marsh

formal_garden Formal Garden

golf Golf

lake Lake/Reservoir

managed_grass Managed Grass

moors_heath Moors Heath

mountain Mountain

natural_grass Natural Grass

parking Parking

playground Playground

river River/Canal

rock Rock

saltmarsh Saltmarsh

seaside Seaside

sports Sports Pitch

woods pasture Wood Pasture

cemetery Woods

Site Designation

allotments National Park

NTrail National Trail

country_park AONB

woods Heritage Coast

golf Open Access (CROW)

nature National Nature Reserve

parks Local Nature Reserve

woods SSSI

allotments Natura 2000 Site

cemetery Ramsar Wetland

country_park Nature Improvement Area

golf Ancient Woodland

nature Country Park

parks Historic Park/Garden

woods Millennium/Doorstep Green

Points of Interest

allotments Archaeology

cemetery Historic

country_park Playground

golf Scenery

nature Viewpoint


msoa MSOA

local_authority Local Authority

catchment Catchment

Welfare Values (£ per year)

low Less than £30,000 (Low)

low2 £30,000 to £150,000

low3 £150,000 to £500,000

low4 £500,000 to £1 Million

high2 £1 Million to £5 Million

high3 £5 Million to £10 Million

high4 £10 Million to £20 Million

high5 Greater than 20 Million (High)

low Less than £50,000 (Low)

low2 £50,000 to £300,000

low3 £300,000 to £1 Million

low4 £1Million to £5 Million

high2 £5 Million to £20 Million

high3 £20 Million to £50 Million

high4 £50 Million to £100 Million

high5 Greater than £100 Million (High)

low Less than £100,000 (Low)

low2 £100,000 to £500,000

low3 £500,000 to £2 Million

low4 £2 Million to £10 Million

high2 £10 Million to £50 Million

high3 £50 Million to £100 Million

high4 £100 Million to £300 Million

high5 Greater than £300 Million (High)

Current Site Information

New Site Information

Altered Site Information

To see information CLICK on a recreation site or spatial area on the map.

The information will appear in this box.

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Click 'Map Layers' to show or hide a variety of map layers (including background layers, recreational sites, land cover, designation, points of interest and regions).

Click 'Explore Sites' to get detailed information on the economic value and visitation of recreation sites

Click 'Alter Sites' to change the characteristics of existing sites

Click 'Create Sites' to create a new recreation site.

Outdoor Recreation Valuation Tool (ORVal)

Developed by the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) at The University of Exeter.
With funding from Defra Defra_logo

Important Notice.

ORVal version 2.0 will be released shortly and will replace ORVal version 1.0. The predictions reported by ORVal version 2.0 are prefered to those provided by version 1.0 (for users wanting to continue using version 1.0 you will still be able to access an archived version of ORVal 1.0 estimates through the new site).


This is a prototype version (ORVal 1.0) - the tool and the underlying econometric model remain under development.

ORVal reports values and visit estimates for existing and new greenspaces that are derived from a sophisticated model of recreational demand in England. As a result please be aware that these numbers are predictions of a model and not actual counts of visits to a particular greenspace or actual measures of the welfare which that greenspace provides.

While the model captures many important features that influence the value and visitation to greenspace it is not able to account for each park's unique characteristics. Rather, the figures provided by ORVal should be interpreted as indicating what we might expect for a typical greenspace with the given features in this location accounting for the availability of other greenspace and the characteristics of local population.

Day, B. H., and G. Smith (2016). Outdoor Recreation Valuation (ORVal) User Guide: Version 1.0, Land, Environment, Economics and Policy (LEEP) Institute, College of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of Exeter

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